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18th Annual Genealogy Lock-In                  
UPDATE:  The Lock-In was a huge success with lots of positive feed back from those attending.  There were 173 visitors in Waco and over 1100 overall in the 41 libraries from across the state joining in at their own location.  A big thank you to all volunteers and library staff!!

Search Engine Now Fully Functional
GOOD NEWS- The problem we had where the Google Search Engine was not looking at the indexes of the CTGS books and Quarterlies under Publications has been fixed! If you click on "Search CTGS Website" on the left menu, Google will search all databases and publications on CTGS.org. Keep in mind that if it finds anything  in the Members Only area, you will have to log in and go directly to the database or publication to see the full information. 

Marriage Book 2 Added
McLennan County Marriage Book 2 has been added to the "Members Only" Publications area. This book covers marriages in McLennan County from 1871-1892.

What's Behind "Members Only"?
The Members Only portion of this website is home to lots of interesting and helpful data.  Join CTGS at a single membership of $20 to view the following information:

CTGS Needs You!!!!
Volunteers are the heart of CTGS!  Would you consider several of the following ways you can help make CTGS a more effective, vibrant organization?  Contact the volunteer coordinator for more information. 
  • Enter data records into the website
  • Write an article for the quarterly publication
  • Volunteer at the annual lock-in
  • Submit articles for the website
  • Volunteer at the Genealogy Center
  • Lead or start a NEW Special Interest Group
  • Do research for others from home or the library
  • Monetary donations
  • Present a program on a topic you are interested in


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Use land records to separate two persons of the same name in the same community.
[Land Records]

In the Virginia Militia, a Company was suppose to consist of 40 to 64 men, who mustered 56 times a year for drill and training.

Of primary interest to genealogists are service records and pension records. Many records are available through the National Archives.

Prepare a list of key words to use in your search, i.e. genealogy, family research, a specific location, surnames to use, other spellings of surnames, uncommon given names in family, timeframe, etc. to help narrow down your search.

A family association or family organization is formed by people who share a common ancestor or surname.
[Basic Information]

Consult other documents to help avoid errors and confirm the information you have found. Look at everything you can possibly find and don’t forget to source your information.
[Basic Information]

Provide a definition of a keyword. You must insert a space between the colon and the query in order for this operator to work in Yahoo and Bing. Example: define: genealogy

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