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Preserving History Through Family Photos

CTGS Webmaster Ron Barnett sets down with local photographer and "Camera Coach" Corey Dunigan to discuss preserving your family's heritage through photographs. How do you identify who is in an old photo? How will you pass your family's photos on to future generations? This 33 minute podcast is available both HERE and on the Corey's website- www.photocameracoach.com where the family photographer can find lots of great photo related resources.

Calling all members!
Our quarterly needs your stories!
We have a great quarterly, but do you know what would make it even better? Your contributions!
Even though we love to see long family history articles filled with tons of research and details, they don't all have to be that. Do you have something interesting to share that you've discovered in your research? Have you found an online tool or research method that has been working well for you? Please share those things with our editor and first thing you know you may be able to tell your friends and family you are a published author.

Learning to "Read" a Cemetery
Would you like to learn to “read” a cemetery? It’s a genealogical adventure! On many older gravestones, there are pictures and symbols that tell stories about your loved ones and ancestors. If you can’t read “gravestone-language” you are missing part of the story. CTGS has posted this interesting trio of blog entries from the Billion Graves web site that will provide invaluable tools to unlock these symbols. You'll find it on our "Helpful Facts" Research Aids page.

Members - Don't forget to check for NEW QUERIES! You could be someone's genealogical savior. Visitors- Feel free to email your queries and requests for genealogical help to the CTGS Webmaster.

Search Engine Tips
Have you tried the CTGS Search Engine? It's a great tool to get the most out of your visit to CTGS.ORG, even if you are not a member! The whole web site is searchable by any user. However if you are not a member, the search engine may point to areas that require membership for full access. To gain full access, just purchase an inexpensive CTGS membership. A "Research Membership" (for users from outside of Texas) is only $10 per year. That averages less than a $1 per month!
Members- If you will log in BEFORE doing your search, then the search will take you straight to the document or resource you need. Once in the document, press Ctrl-F to search for occurences of your information within the document.
The CTGS Search Engine is powered by Google, so all the search techniques (like wild cards) you normally use in Google Searches will work the same way here.

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The Members Only portion of this website is home to lots of interesting and helpful data.  Join CTGS at a single membership of $20 to view the following information:

CTGS Needs You!!!!
Volunteers are the heart of CTGS!  Would you consider several of the following ways you can help make CTGS a more effective, vibrant organization?  Contact the volunteer coordinator for more information. 
  • Enter data records into the website
  • Write an article for the quarterly publication
  • Volunteer at the annual lock-in
  • Submit articles for the website
  • Volunteer at the Genealogy Center
  • Lead or start a NEW Special Interest Group
  • Do research for others from home or the library
  • Monetary donations
  • Present a program on a topic you are interested in


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When doing field research never use water-based pens. A few drops of rain can be lethal to your notes.
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Look further than just the family or person you want to identify on a census record. If the family is listed at the top of a census page, look back one page to see if there are other members of the family enumerated as well as looking at the next page if the family is enumerated at the bottom of the census page.

Child bearing years for women in previous generations ranged from age 13 to 48.
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