CTGS publications have indexes that are searchable by the public. However the published books themselves can only be accessed by paid members. Note that CTGS does offer a discounted Research Membership for researchers who reside outside of Texas. CTGS publications are also available at the West Waco, McLennan County Library and Genealogy Center. Note that only the volumes which are no longer available to purchase in print are posted online.
The CTGS award winning quarterly (Heart of Texas Records) is available both online and in print form to members only.

CTGS Books
Over the years, countless volunteers have invested thousands of hours compiling family history records for McLennan County, Texas.
Much of this work is represented in 9 volumes of cemetery records that have been created in book form. The cemetery volumes are a legacy left behind by decades of work by many CTGS volunteers.
In 1974 CTGS also compiled a name index of all of the deaths and funerals in McLennan County found in 68 volumes of the Fall & Puckett funeral home records dated 1892 - 1931. This index contains the names and death information of over 14,000 early Wacoans.
CTGS member Kathy Tye compiled data from 30 volumes of funeral information from Boykins Funeral Home, which served the black community in Waco from 1921 - 1991 and that data is available here as well. CDs, are avaialable, each containing the abstract and photographs of one  of the 30 volumes,  For copies of the abstract and/or CDs, please order at the CTGS online store. 
Marriage Books- CTGS has compiled 4 books listing McLennan County marriages dating back to 1850. The first two are avilable online and the last two are available for purchase in the CTGS store. These valuable resources list not only bride and groom, but in many instances place of birth, parents, and the name of the minister or judge performing the rite. They also include short bios of many judges and ministers, history of the churches as they were being founded and names of founding members and leaders in those churches.
Katy Railroad Cards- This fascinating reference contains the personnel cards of the warden shop of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (M-K-T or Katy) Railroad in Bellmead, Texas from the 1920's through the 1950's. If you have a relative who worked for the railroad in Central Texas in that time period, you are likely to be able to find information on them in this resource.
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