Seeking obituary for Ronald Mazzola, Hill County

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Seeking obituary for Ronald Mazzola, Hill County
Posted: 06/18/2024 - 1:36 pm
We received the following inquiry from a man in Minnesota who requests help to find an obituary in Hill County. He has been passed from the Hillsboro City Library to the Ellis Genealogical Society, and now to us. Maybe you can be this man's genealogy angel!
I am trying to find an obituary on Ronald Mazzola. He lived on the Ellis County/Hill County line right outside of Milford, Texas. His findagrave info states that after he passed his body was cremated and his ashes were spread on his Hill County farm. I tried searching the web for an obituary on him but I did not have any luck. Do you have any suggestions on where/who I could contact to try and find an obituary in that area of the county?
Ronald Mazzola, died September 14, 2022
Appreciate any help on this request.
Thank you.
Jerry Austin
St. Paul, MN