Looking for great-grandchildren of Charles Todar and Mary Grace

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Looking for great-grandchildren of Charles Todar and Mary Grace
Posted: 02/10/2024 - 1:34 pm
I am looking for any living family here in Waco (or anywhere really), probably great-grandchildren of Charles Todar & Mary Grace (Cimo) Todar. They settled in Waco around 1902-1903, from Sicily Italy. After Charles died in a house fire in 1915 (the house that was originally on 625 S. 9th St.), Mary (Grace) and their 6 children built the house I now live in (build date 1920). Her & all the children & spouses were all on the deed when they sold the house May 4, 1944.
I am trying to locate the family so I can obtain a picture of Mary (Grace) and a picture of the house 100yrs ago. Her story of being a single lady and building this house on her own is a legacy I want to share with others who come through this house.
The Texas Collection said there are no builders or architects on file for my property. It shows an insurance claim was filed for the house loss in the obituary.  No pictures come up in the archives when I put in any Todar's name or my address.
The 6 children - All deceased.
Charles Jr. Todar & his wife Billie Atha Todar (of Waco)
Anthony Todar & his wife Adeline Todar; 
Alfred Todar & his wife Millie Todar; 
T.J. (Tell John) Todar & his wife Gladys Todar; 
Ella (Camellia) Todar  - 2725 Morrow Ave (as of 1958)
Edith (Edythe) Todar - 2725 Morrow Ave (as of 1958)
Mary Grace Cimo Todar came from Italy with her two brothers as well - Joseph Cimo of 612 N. 13th (as of 1958)...and Vincent Cimo, Chicago (as of 1958). I may be able to also trace the Cimo's for a picture of Mrs. Mary Grace!
In her obituary, it also shows she was a long member of St. Mary's Church of Assumption @ 1401 Washington Ave - maybe there will be a directory with a picture (although, I'd really like one of her in her 30's or 40's.)
Kim Robinson, Realtor®