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Monday, July 22
Boston and the 250th Anniversary of "This Destruction of Tea!"
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
West Waco Library and Genealogy Center

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Join us, gentlemen and ladies, for a Central Texas Genealogical Society presentation of “This Destruction of Tea” by Mrs. Andrie. A deeper examination will be made of the bold participants, their ancestry, and information on a new heritage society. Please feel free to dress as a Bostonian!

The public is welcome to join us for this monthly Central Texas Genealogical Society meeting.

You can also attend virtually via Zoom (details coming soon)


Officer Candidates Needed for CTGS

Here is your chance to contribute to the future of our great society!  The CTGS Nominations Committee is currently seeking candidates for the office of Editor, which is a one year term for 2025. Candidates for office must be members of CTGS.  For more information, please contact Sue Carpenter, Chair of the Nominations Committee, or any officer or member of the Board of Directors.
Looking a little further out, CTGS will need to fill the President and Librarian officer positions for 2026.  In order to set the next officers up for continued success in these roles, we plan to have them shadow the current officers sometime during the 2025 year so they will be fully prepared!
The CTGS is currently looking to fill our Bookstore Manager position.  The role is responsible for listing books for sale on our website, processing the orders, and mailing the books to the purchaser. If you are interested in helping us with this function, please contact Ron Barnett.
If you are interested in serving as an Officer, on the Board of Directors, or in any other capacity, please contact Ron Barnett; he'd be thrilled to talk with you.

Have Ancestor Information To Share?

Heart of Texas Records is a great quarterly publication but do you know what would make it even better? Your submissions! 
Do you have something to share discovered during your research? Have you found an online tool or research method that is working well for you? Please let us know by submitting them to the Editor at editor@ctgs.org. Next thing you know, you may be a published author.
Next submission DEADLINE is September 1, 2024 for the Fall Issue.
Helpful tips and policy and guidelines for submission for publication in Heart of Texas Records may be found under Publications/Quarterlies.


Members, can you help with new queries?

Members - If you haven't checked lately we have NEW QUERIES! You could be someone's genealogical angel.
Visitors- We invite you to email your queries and requests for genealogical help to the CTGS Webmaster.


Families Wanted for TV Show

Could your family survive life on the frontier?
Ever dreamed of testing yourself against the challenges of the Old West? Or living in a time before tech?
Wall to Wall is looking for fun families to journey back in time for 9 weeks this summer, to experience life on the frontier!
For more information and how to apply: https://bit.ly/BackToTheFrontier


CTGS Needs You!!!!
Volunteers are the heart of CTGS!  Would you consider several of the following ways you can help make CTGS a more effective, vibrant organization?  Contact Rebecca Edwards, our volunteer coordinator, for more information. 
  • Enter data records into the website
  • Write an article for quarterly publication Heart of Texas Records
  • Volunteer at the annual Genealogy Lock-in
  • Submit articles for the website
  • Volunteer at the Genealogy Center
  • Lead or start a NEW Special Interest Group
  • Do research for others from home or the library
  • Monetary donations
  • Present a program on a topic you are interested in


Free Monthly Events at the West Waco Library

Programs begin at noon and last about one hour. Bring a lunch and learn skills, tips, and techniques to help your family history research.
West Waco Library & Genealogy Center 5301 Bosque Blvd.
For questions call 254-750-5945


What's Behind the "Members Only" Curtain?

The Members Only portion of this website is home to lots of interesting and helpful data.  Join CTGS at a single membership of $20 to view the following information:


Learning to "Read" a Cemetery
Would you like to learn to “read” a cemetery? It’s a genealogical adventure! On many older gravestones, there are pictures and symbols that tell stories about your loved ones and ancestors. If you can’t read “gravestone-language” you are missing part of the story. CTGS has posted this interesting trio of blog entries from the Billion Graves web site that will provide invaluable tools to unlock these symbols. You'll find it on our "Helpful Facts" Research Aids page.


Search Engine Tips
Have you tried the CTGS Search Engine? It's a great tool to get the most out of your visit to CTGS.ORG, even if you are not a member! The whole web site is searchable by any user. However if you are not a member, the search engine may point to areas that require membership for full access.
To gain full access, just purchase an inexpensive CTGS membership. A "Research Membership" (for users from outside of Texas) is only $10 per year. That averages less than a $1 per month!
Members- If you will log in BEFORE doing your search, then the search will take you straight to the document or resource you need. Once in the document, press Ctrl-F to search for occurences of your information within the document.
The CTGS Search Engine is powered by Google, so all the search techniques (like wild cards) you normally use in Google Searches will work the same way here.


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Don't assume that all information in the census is correct. It's only as good as the knowledge of the person reporting it.

A variation of the Soundex called the American Soundex was used in the 1930s for a retrospective analysis of the US censuses from 1890 through 1920.
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Cannon Law refers to Laws of the Church.

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