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Congratulations to former editor, Jerry Kirkpatrick, for a third place award received for the publication of the CTGS quarterly Heart of Texas Records.  Job well done!  Debbie Ferguson will become the editor in 2019.  Looking forward to great information about Central Texas!!

How Genealogy Affects Your Sleep                   
And you thought genealogy only affected your sleep because you stay up all night doing family research. A TUCK research team has been looking into how genetic history is connected to sleep, and they found a clear link between heredity and predisposition to sleep disorders. Interesting online article!

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Member Submissions has now become Submissions and Requests. We have added a forum that allows member to responds to requests from site visitors for genealogical assistance. Submit mystery pictures and road blocks and see if we can help!

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Have you tried the CTGS Search Engine? It's a great tool to get the most out of your visit to CTGS.ORG, even if you are not a member! The whole web site is searchable by any user. However if you are not a member, the search engine may point to areas that require membership for full access. To gain full access, just purchase an inexpensive CTGS membership. A "Research Membership" (for users from outside of Texas) is only $10 per year. That averages less than a $1 per month!
Members- If you will log in BEFORE doing your search, then the search will take you straight to the document or resource you need. Once in the document, press Ctrl-F to search for occurences of your information within the document.
The CTGS Search Engine is powered by Google, so all the search techniques (like wild cards) you normally use in Google Searches will work the same way here.

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The Members Only portion of this website is home to lots of interesting and helpful data.  Join CTGS at a single membership of $20 to view the following information:

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Volunteers are the heart of CTGS!  Would you consider several of the following ways you can help make CTGS a more effective, vibrant organization?  Contact the volunteer coordinator for more information. 
  • Enter data records into the website
  • Write an article for the quarterly publication
  • Volunteer at the annual lock-in
  • Submit articles for the website
  • Volunteer at the Genealogy Center
  • Lead or start a NEW Special Interest Group
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  • Monetary donations
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Do not laminate your documents. A laminated document can never be restored to its original state.

Ellis Island was closed in 1954 and declared a National Park in 1956.

Use only accepted abbreviations (no homespun stuff).
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Single-nucleotide polymorphism or SNP (pronounced snip) is a test that confirms your haplogroup by determining if a mutation as occurred from its ancestral state.

If you can’t locate your ancestors in US passenger lists, try looking in Canadian records. Immigrants often found it easier and less expensive to sail to Canada and travel overland to the United States.

Get into the habit of jotting down memories.
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In the Virginia Militia, free males ages 18 - 50 were members unless exempted.

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